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3D laser scanning is an advanced technology that enables very fast, precise and non-invasive data gathering. Measurements made with laser scanner record even 1,000,000 points per second, which shortens measurement time, and consequently, designing and preparing all post documentation. 3D laser scanning also gives the opportunity to design at the time of building process and easy work progress control. The results from laser scanning are points clouds with each point having three dimensional coordinates and colour coded information from the high quality photographs made by the scanner.

The results of connecting the point clouds are 2D objects (projections, sections, documentations) or 3D models in CAD.


We do:

  • laser scanning
  • inventory, measuring, visualisation of objects (sights, vessels, flagstaffs, installations, …)
  • interior inventory
  • roof construction measurement
  • deformation measurement and control
  • engineer construction measurement and control
  • measuring coal, wood, aggregate and gravel storage yards
  • ground quantity calculations

We scan everything – Limitations exist only in imagination!!!



  • speed – even 1,000,000 points/second
  • security – we use I class laser scanner, fully safe for the human eye
  • millimeter precision
  • >no data generalisation
  • easy data analysis
  • easy data storage – CAD environment
  • lower costs of acquiring the data compared to conventional methods
  • mobility and comprehensiveness of usage
  • non-invasive into measured objects
  • easy measuring of complex and difficult to reach elements
  • universal usage – from totality to details